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“Each person is a circle unto her/himself. We are born into a family circle, which extends outward to a larger community circle. Eventually we develop interactions that present a universal circle containing all aspects of our community.”

The mission of The Restorative Way is to enhance and expand opportunities to help create restorative cultures in schools, faith based organizations, families, communities and businesses; opportunities for the people to make positive healing connections.  

“The Circle provides a safe space where this deeper connecting can happen, where conflicts can become opportunities for building relationships. Today, we witness both the harm of disconnecting and the healing power of connecting. We need now, more than ever before, to find ways to connect with each other constructively, to understand and respect our differences, and to recognize the invaluable contribution each of us can make to creating community.” 


Our logo was designed by Chuck Robertson Sr. who passed back into the spirit world Dec. 2003. More information about Chuck can be found under the "About Us" tab.


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